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App Inventor for Educators

This is an educational community for MIT App Inventor educators. It is intended as a common online area to share ideas, resources, and find answers to questions. While there are many great resources and information on the App Inventor site, this site is a place specifically geared towards educational discussion and resource sharing.

Elisabeth Seop, Youth Radio

Star App Inventor Educator

Each month we will highlight an educator who demonstrates exemplary work with App Inventor.

Elizabeth Soep from Youth Radio talks about how her students learn to become creators of technology platforms that distribute media stories.


  • Tutorial - The Tower of Hanoi

    This tutorial is for advanced learners who want to explore the power of MIT App Inventor to create a complex and complicated Android game app, the Town Of Hanoi.

  • Paintpot App-building Exam

    A GCSE Computing Assessment from England that tests students’ abilities to build the Paintpot app from a tutorial and answer general questions about computer science.

  • Mobile CSP Curriculum

    An AP course on mobile computer science programming offered to high school students in the United States. The curriculum, videos, and other materials can be found on the website.

  • MIT Course: 6.S198, Mobile App Development

    A semester-long advanced course taught at MIT on app development. Students begin the first half of the class with App Inventor and learn Android App Developer (Java) during the rest of the semester.

  • Middle School Course Approval Framework

    An example form that a middle school teacher filled out to propose her new Mobile Apps course.


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