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App Inventor for Educators

This is an educational community for MIT App Inventor educators. It is intended as a common online area to share ideas, resources, and find answers to questions. While there are many great resources and information on the App Inventor site, this site is a place specifically geared towards educational discussion and resource sharing.

Elisabeth Seop, Youth Radio

Star App Inventor Educator

Each month we will highlight an educator who demonstrates exemplary work with App Inventor.

Elisabeth Soep from Youth Radio talks about how her students learn to become creators of technology platforms that distribute media stories.


  • App Inventor Summit 2016 Mobile CSP

    This workshop will provide a brief demo of the online Mobile CSP course, and a summary of the online professional development program, followed by a hands-on session during which participants can try one or more Mobile CSP lessons. Links to more resources can be found in the document.

  • Trigger IFTTT to Send an Email Using App Inventor

    Send an email programmatically without user intervention from within an App Inventor app

  • CS in SF: Computer Science is for Everyone! Middle School Curriculum

    Online middle school App Inventor curriculum that combines video lessons and units from other sites into 50-minute classes. This curriculum was built as a part of SFUSD's Computer Science for All Students in SF effort.

  • Detailed tutorial to build a multilingual City Highlights app

    Participants of this tutorial learn to create a fully functional Android-app with MIT’s App Inventor, a platform for designing and developing mobile apps. As part of this tutorial the following key issues will be addressed: – An overview of the App Inventor environment. – Design a graphical user interface. – Write clear, obvious and readable code to make the app maintainable. – Include content and implement a data structure. – Handle user interaction. – Use sensors to embellish the app. – Test the app using AI Companion.

  • Simplifying List Processing in App Inventor

    Introduction to psuedo higher-order list operator (PHOLO) blocks being developed for App Inventor.


  • How to make 16 million colors

    A recent blog post by Felicia Kamriani called Hue New?(ref#1) inspired an idea shared by a high school teacher during a recent Android App Freestyle(ref#2)which gave birth to the MakeColors tool(ref#3). The simple tool helps learners to understand the RGB color system(ref#4) and gives creatives the ability to generate all of the 16,777,216 possible colors. Using the slider component, MakeColors expands the color palette in the MIT App Inventor beyond the built-in 14-color and 70-color palettes. […]

  • Welcome to our new educator site!

    As a way to build an educational community around teaching App Inventor, we are launching this site. We hope that this site will be a vehicle for resources, questions, conversations, and collaboration for App Inventor educators. By moving the conversation to this separate site, we hope you can focus on what is important to you as an educator using this tool. Please feel free to post in the forums, add your own resources, and tell […]

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