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Tutorial – The Tower of Hanoi

This tutorial is for advanced learners who want to explore the power of MIT App Inventor to create a complex and complicated Android game app, the Town Of Hanoi.
The Town Of Hanoi, also the Tower of Brahma or Lucas’ Tower, is considered a classical strategy game to demonstrate how algorithms work for computer science students as well as the general public. It is explained below: There are 3 poles. • Bars are put onto the first pole in their size order, which means that the widest bar should be on the bottom of the pole. • The number of bars on the pole can be chosen by the players. • Players have to move all of the bars from the first pole on the left to the third pole in the right using the second bar in the middle, with the following rules: o Only one bar can be moved at one time. o Wider bar cannot be put on top of a smaller bar.

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