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Author: Karen Lang

Welcome to our new educator site!

4 / 5 ( 1 vote ) As a way to build an educational community around teaching App Inventor, we are launching this site. We hope that this site will be a vehicle for resources, questions, conversations, and collaboration for App Inventor educators. By moving the conversation to this separate site, we hope you can focus on what is important to you as an educator using this tool. Please feel free to post in the […]

Beginner Video Tutorials

Beginner-friendly tutorials that are suitable for just starting out with App Inventor. The tutorials would be useful for events like the Hour of Code, where students could create an app within a limited amount of time.

Teaching App Creation with MIT App Inventor

This six unit course enables adults (mostly teachers) taking the course to work with students to build apps using App Inventor in a variety of potentially interdisciplinary settings. Its original purpose was to support Verizon App Challenge teams who want to complete their app.

Course in a Box

This course targets beginners of all ages and starts at the very beginning–setting up App Inventor. With video and text-based lessons, Professor Wolber will step you through building progressively more complex apps.

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