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Author: Natalie Lao

LEGO EV3 Tutorial: Color Search

A tutorial for how to build a mobile app that instructs an EV3 LEGO robot to search for a certain color on a white surface bordered by black. The user can pick one color out of red, green, blue, or yellow for the robot to search.

CS in SF: Computer Science is for Everyone! Middle School Curriculum

Online middle school App Inventor curriculum that combines video lessons and units from other sites into 50-minute classes. This curriculum was built as a part of SFUSD’s Computer Science for All Students in SF effort.

Suggested Tablet Specifications for Running App Inventor

A list of the desired specifications for tablets for running App Inventor compiled from the collective intelligence of many CSTA-GreaterBoston Chapter members.

LEGO® EV3 Tutorial: Tilt-to-Drive

This tutorial lets you make an app that drives around an EV3 LEGO robot by tilting a phone or tablet.

Paintpot App-building Exam

A GCSE Computing Assessment from England that tests students’ abilities to build the Paintpot app from a tutorial and answer general questions about computer science.

Mobile CSP Curriculum

An AP course on mobile computer science programming offered to high school students in the United States. The curriculum, videos, and other materials can be found on the website.

MIT Course: 6.S198, Mobile App Development

A semester-long advanced course taught at MIT on app development. Students begin the first half of the class with App Inventor and learn Android App Developer (Java) during the rest of the semester.

Middle School Course Approval Framework

An example form that a middle school teacher filled out to propose her new Mobile Apps course.

Learning App Inventor book

Twelve free “tutorials” from the book, “Learning App Inventor.” Tutorials introduce computer science concepts like variables and databases instead of walking students through making a specific app.

Kentucky KATE Training Workshop

Curriculum for a 2-day program to train teachers in App Inventor.

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