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    Rich Interdonato

    I received this link a few days ago and have been playing with the new Task services that are provided.

    You can try them for yourself here:

    My students are going to LOVE the ability to write programs that run in the background, but I don’t want to get them excited about it until the code is ready for release. Andrew McKinney has indicated that services are still on the way, so I am optimistic that this is just a hint at what will become available.

    If you go through the tutorial, make sure you try out the LaunchNotificationWithRedirect block, otherwise your notifications don’t respond to clicks.

    I have tried getting the service (Task1) to store variables and vibrate, but so far have not been successful. This has been largely trial-and-error, so if you are interested in playing with them and willing to share your findings, I would love to know what currently works and does not in the current version background services. Perhaps there will be a task force established to document them… If so, I am volunteering.



    Sjaak Bosman

    Thank you for sharing Rich, this looks very promising! I’ll give it a try soon. Grtz, Sjaak.


    Thanks Rich, it is what I have been waiting for.

    I will ask my students test all functions and let you know our results.

    Rich Interdonato

    I have noticed a few situations where the service crashes, but this is still very helpful. If nothing else, it is a solid proof of concept.


    Hey guys,

    Has anyone had any luck with Bluetooth or BLE running in a Task?

    I’m trying to create a app to monitor BluetoothLE broadcasts but every time I drop Bluetooth or BLE onto Task1 the app crashes. Putting Bluetooth on Screen1 works without crashing but if I try to add BluetoothLE to Task1, the app crashes every time. Even if I don’t call any blocks, just simply being in the TASK causes the crash.

    Gonzalo Javier

    Plase marry me jaja so may thaks is a great developent and exelent tutorial.

    David Tseng

    Thanks, I’ll try it right away. It’s really good to have “services” in App Inventor.

    Wilson Lasso

    Hola a todos he probado el servicio y me me parece un excelente trabajo y también observo que aun faltan detalles ya que al cerrar todas la aplicaciones de forma brusca se crea un error en la aplicación creada.
    A no ser que este usando mal la herramienta.
    Felicito ta valioso trabajo ya es muy importante tener esta herramienta para trabajos en segundo plano.

    Yo soy yo de los seguidores de APP Inventor, agradezco cualquier información.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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