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Idea on a Self Invoking App?

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    Samiya Nadaf

    Hi, one of my students asked me if it is possible to create an app that self invokes once the user turns data connection ON on the device. The idea is to create an app, that will record the location position automatically without having to invoke the app to do so.


    From my understanding, it is not possible at the moment. However, on our training last March, we was shown a Service function that makes you requirement possible. It is just the matter of time when it will be released. I guess this function is one of the most wanted one, along with SQLite support, and will open up so many more opportunities to enhance the power of already–well-functioned apps created by AI2.

    I might have a chance to ask the team at the summit and let you know the timeline if possible. I badly need it as well.


    I just had a chance to speak with Andrew and he said that the feature will possibly in the test server (so we can test) and might be available in next release.

    Good news!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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