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Will AI work on Chromebook touch screens?

App Inventor for Educators Forums Educator Forum Will AI work on Chromebook touch screens?


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    Ryan Kinser

    With Chrome’s OS 53 release last week supporting the Google Play Store, it seems like App Inventor will be easier to use on Chromebooks, especially those with touch screens. Has anyone tried this yet? Are Android apps running now on these? I have an App Inventor school that is considering using a grant for new Chromebooks.



    Hi Ryan,

    Great question. I am just a bit confused. Do you mean “Will AI apps work on Chromebook touch screens?”

    Ryan Kinser

    Yes, exactly. Can students use Chromebook touch screens to build and test AI apps?

    Sang ly

    I try it in the Asus Chromebook flip and it run on version 54 of chrome os. The AI companion cannot communicate with code provide. Plus,. I do not get an IP show on the app. Think it has to do more with chrome os wifi restrictions.

    I hope that helps.


    Please help! I have a class set of dell Chromebooks (touch screen) and I am trying to get them working with devices that are plugged in since we can’t use the emulator. The tech department says that it will not work with the device plugged into one of our chromebooks.

    I am working on troubleshooting this myself. I am not very technically savvy, a beginner with AI, any advice, help or assistance you could provide would be great!

    Josh Sheldon

    Hi Kacie,
    Unfortunately, at this point, I think your tech department is right. The only way I know of connecting chromebooks to Android devices for live development is wirelessly.

    The best (but still not great) option I can think of would be to compile/build your apps when they need to be tested. It’s what programmers used to have to do, so might be part of a history of computing lesson?

    I hope this is a help – I wish there were a better answer,


    Thanks so much for your response, but darn! I have been searching for a program for my 6th graders to make apps with and MIT AI is the best one out there that I could find! The help desk said that we can’t connect wirelessly to the tablets… Do you have any suggestions for me or places to look to accomplish this? We have Chromebooks and I am writing a grant to get Samsung Galaxy tablets so we can test our apps out and present them to the elementary students.
    Thanks again

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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