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Like with most steam generator irons once you have one you seldom return to a normal iron again. The different though is whether the steam iron you have makes a better difference or a fantastic difference.

Like most of the higher spec steam generator irons the Tefal GV9360 has one of the larger water storage units at 1.8 litres. What makes this iron a little more different is that it’s possible to refill the unit whilst still on. The intention is continous and ‘unlimited ironing’ (as Tefal claim).

It has been around for a couple of years – first available for retail in 2008 – but has many followers and some great online reviews.

It is a little more pricier than other models, which is why this unit isn’t top of our chart at the moment. Price is a factor but with 5 bar of pressure, unlimited ironing time, a 1.8 ltr water tank and the useful cord rewind – plus the popularity online – it’s a steam generator iron we couldn’t ignore.

Head over to if you want to know more the best steam generator iron in the market. You will not be disappointed because there are many products to consider.

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