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Programming Tutorials for Everybody

Video tutorials about App Inventor for the beginners.

Video tutorials for App Inventor

Video tutorials for the beginner.

App Inventor中文學習網

Robotics and IoT projects with App Inventor, including Lego EV3 robot, Arduino and BBC:Microbit.

App Inventor移动应用开发

Video tutorials for App Inventor.

App Inventor轻松学

Videos of how to make apps using App Inventor.

App Inventor MOOC

A university MOOC that teaches App Inventor and Android development. Link does not work with HTTPS:// but can be accessed at

Magic Words App 說明文檔

A tutorial that interfaces with the web.

17Coding Teach Site

Teaching site with tutorials, sample apps, and starter lessons for App Inventor.

Chinese App Inventor Blog: 老巫婆的博客

Weibo and Sina blogs with Chinese App Inventor tutorials. Weibo: Sina:

App Inventor Taiwan Resource Site

Various links to App Inventor tutorials, news, competitions, and other resources in Chinese.

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