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Mobile CSP Curriculum

An AP course on mobile computer science programming offered to high school students in the United States. The curriculum, videos, and other materials can be found on the website.

MIT Course: 6.S198, Mobile App Development

A semester-long advanced course taught at MIT on app development. Students begin the first half of the class with App Inventor and learn Android App Developer (Java) during the rest of the semester.

Learning App Inventor book

Twelve free “tutorials” from the book, “Learning App Inventor.” Tutorials introduce computer science concepts like variables and databases instead of walking students through making a specific app.

Kentucky KATE Training Workshop

Curriculum for a 2-day program to train teachers in App Inventor.

JCU Course: Introduction to Software Application Development

A course taught at John Carroll University. Students use App Inventor for the first half of the course and Python for the second half of the course. The website provides detailed, comprehensive day-to-day activities.

I Love My Smartphone full curriculum

A set of Scottish curricula for mobile computer science that includes a “Tutor Pack”, “Learner Pack”, a set of screencasts, and associated apps and media files.

Dutch App Inventor Curriculum

Several PDFs of full App Inventor curricula with some additional resources.

CS Principles for High School Teachers

A 4-week summer graduate course that teaches teachers Scratch, App Inventor, and Google Sites. The website includes daily lessons, activities, and answers that include screenshots and extra information.

App Inventor EDU

Sample curriculum created by a Google intern. Includes projects, philosophy, and detailed outline of a curriculum schedule. However, note that project tutorials are missing with empty pages, no instructions, and no screenshots or videos.

Udemy Spanish App Inventor Course

A comprehensive App Inventor curriculum with 155 video lectures and 8 quizzes from a MIT-certified Master Trainer. $30 without coupons.

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