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Programming Tutorials for Everybody

Video tutorials about App Inventor for the beginners.

Video tutorials for App Inventor

Video tutorials for the beginner.

Tutorial: How to share your app developed with App Inventor?

A tutorial explaining step-by-step how to share your apps developed with App Inventor is available here (in Brazilian Portuguese).

App Inventor移动应用开发

Video tutorials for App Inventor.

App Inventor轻松学

Videos of how to make apps using App Inventor.

Magic Words App 說明文檔

A tutorial that interfaces with the web.

17Coding Teach Site

Teaching site with tutorials, sample apps, and starter lessons for App Inventor.

App Inventor Taiwan Resource Site

Various links to App Inventor tutorials, news, competitions, and other resources in Chinese.

Profe TIC Spanish App Inventor Video Tutorials

Spanish Youtube videos that teach how to create App Inventor projects. Updated fairly recently as of February 2017.

Game: Rock Paper Scissors Tutorial

This game a rock-paper-scissors game, the user make a choice of Rock, Paper or Scissors while the other player in the app makes a choice as well and the result is displayed together.

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