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App Inventor Computational Thinking Curriculum

The curriculum is a refactoring of the Coolthink Middle School Curriculum, a 3 year computational thinking curriculum currently being piloted in Hong Kong, in collaboration with the Education University of Hong Kong, and funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club. This curriculum is intended to be delivered in a single year, and can be modified to work as a 6 week unit, 12 week unit, or a semester long course. The curriculum is based on teaching students to think computationally: to decompose problems, abstract and modularize, reuse and remix existing solutions, and to test fully to arrive at a working solution. Students will use MIT App Inventor, a blocks-based programming language with a development environment that runs in a browser, to design and build mobile apps. Students build their digital confidence and become empowered to create, rather than just use technology in their lives.

SVG versions of App Inventor blocks

SVG versions of the App Inventor blocks to be used in tutorials and classroom.

Languages used to make App Inventor

Languages used to make App Inventor according to the numbers from Github.

Android App Inventor – DIY – UK

Welcome to Android App Inventor-DIY. The book where you learn APP programming… You will quickly learn the basic tricks to create your own apps.

App Inventor Playground

At App Inventor Playground I will show you how to create your own Apps using App Inventor and how to ReMake my most popular Apps from Gallery.

Motivational images

Images with motivational sentences to get users of AI inspired. The pdf contains the images in English. If you download the LibreOffice Draw file you can change the colors and the text.


A cardset with one card for every block with an description in English. When you use the LibreOffice Draw file you can translate the text into your own language.

Android + Arduino usando o MIT AppInventor

O livro apresenta a fundamentação para utilização e programação do MIT App Inventor e do Arduino de forma isolada, logo ambas as plataformas são combinadas. Um conjunto grande de Apêndices, serve como referencia da programação, eletrônica etc.

Curso Desarrollo de Aplicaciones Móviles Educativas con MIT App Inventor

3 / 5 ( 2 votes ) Videotutoriales en español y recursos de la parte semipresencial del curso de aplicaciones móviles educativas con MIT App Inventor.

Programming Tutorials for Everybody

Video tutorials about App Inventor for the beginners.

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