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Curso Desarrollo de Aplicaciones Móviles Educativas con MIT App Inventor

3 / 5 ( 2 votes ) Videotutoriales en español y recursos de la parte semipresencial del curso de aplicaciones móviles educativas con MIT App Inventor.

Profe TIC Spanish App Inventor Video Tutorials

Spanish Youtube videos that teach how to create App Inventor projects. Updated fairly recently as of February 2017.

Tu App Inventor

Sitio web para la comunidad hispana de App Inventor con noticias, tutoriales, vídeos sobre App Inventor

Curso de Desarrollo de Aplicaciones Móviles con App Inventor

Curso de App Inventor online en la plataforma Udemy totalmente en español. 164 clases. 24 horas. Paso a paso. 27 aplicaciones. Curso completo que cubre: animaciones, medios, sensores, bases de datos, componentes sociales, webs, etc.

Udemy Spanish App Inventor Course

A comprehensive App Inventor curriculum with 155 video lectures and 8 quizzes from a MIT-certified Master Trainer. $30 without coupons.

Technovation Challenge Curriculum – Español

Based off of a high school program for girls. The website provides a detailed curriculum with specific units, slide decks, and student workbooks. There are also demo projects and videos of apps that students have made in the past.

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