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Curso Desarrollo de Aplicaciones Móviles Educativas con MIT App Inventor

3 / 5 ( 2 votes ) Videotutoriales en español y recursos de la parte semipresencial del curso de aplicaciones móviles educativas con MIT App Inventor.

Learning App Inventor book

Twelve free “tutorials” from the book, “Learning App Inventor.” Tutorials introduce computer science concepts like variables and databases instead of walking students through making a specific app.

Animals Speak Tutorials

3 animals-related app tutorials in a worksheet format: 1. Typing the name of the animal shows the picture of the animal 2. Speaking the name of the animal shows the picture of the animal 3. Simple Siri-like program related to animals

Android App Tutorials

Eight lesson plans/tutorials for making basic game-style apps each day. Includes set-up and publishing guidelines.

AIT YouTube Channel

Videos of intermediate to advanced App Inventor techniques and general computer science news.

6-minute App Inventor Videos: Android pour tous!

7 video tutorials for building apps.

Chinese App Inventor site

Tutorials, videos, and other resources in Chinese.

Paintpot Slides Tutorial

Step-by-step breakdown of how to make the Paintpot painting app in Google Slides format.

Ping Pong Game Tutorial

Step-by-step comprehensive slide deck of how to make a ping pong game.

Pura Vida Code Snippets

Lots of “tutorial-like” activities with small code snippets provided.

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