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SVG versions of App Inventor blocks

SVG versions of the App Inventor blocks to be used in tutorials and classroom.

Languages used to make App Inventor

Languages used to make App Inventor according to the numbers from Github.

Motivational images

Images with motivational sentences to get users of AI inspired. The pdf contains the images in English. If you download the LibreOffice Draw file you can change the colors and the text.


A cardset with one card for every block with an description in English. When you use the LibreOffice Draw file you can translate the text into your own language.

Android + Arduino usando o MIT AppInventor

O livro apresenta a fundamentação para utilização e programação do MIT App Inventor e do Arduino de forma isolada, logo ambas as plataformas são combinadas. Um conjunto grande de Apêndices, serve como referencia da programação, eletrônica etc.

Introduction to mapping with App Inventor

This course unit or chapter will consider several ways to display and handle geographic maps.

Tutoriels sur App Inventor

Tutoriels sur App Inventor

Informatique nomade Mobile CSP

The popular Mobile Computer Science Principles (CSP) course translated to French

Example case – App ClicDenúncia

Following the instructional unit “Make your own app” being developed by the initiative Computação na Escola/INCoD/INE/UFSC, the app has been developed adopting design thinking, UX design and programming with App Inventor. The example case describes basic elements created as results of the app’s development process as well as provides the .aia and .apk files.

Programming for Android in MIT App Inventor 2

This is a Youtube channel of App Inventor video tutorials in Russian.

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