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App Inventor Taiwan Resource Site

Various links to App Inventor tutorials, news, competitions, and other resources in Chinese.

Profe TIC Spanish App Inventor Video Tutorials

Spanish Youtube videos that teach how to create App Inventor projects. Updated fairly recently as of February 2017.

Photo analysis with Microsoft Cognitive Services, using Makeblock CamVision extension

This is a simple project combining App Inventor and Microsoft Cognitive Services: Computer Vision API. The app can upload a picture to Microsoft Cognitive Services: Computer Vision API after the photo is taken, then retrieve information about the picture, such as a description, background color, foreground color and tags.

Imagnity Tutorials

A collection of various tutorials to build apps and to learn how to use specific components. Tutorials include: sprites, lists, sorting, location sensor, procedures, Web component JSON response, and games.

LEGO EV3 Tutorial: Pet Robot

Tutorial for building an app that allows the user to instruct an EV3 LEGO robot to do certain maneuvers and actions through voice commands. The user can pick one of several commands: forward, backward (reverse), stop, forward slow, forward fast, disconnect, circles, right turn (turn right), left turn (turn left).

LEGO EV3 Tutorial: Color Search

A tutorial for how to build a mobile app that instructs an EV3 LEGO robot to search for a certain color on a white surface bordered by black. The user can pick one color out of red, green, blue, or yellow for the robot to search.

Trigger IFTTT to Send an Email Using App Inventor

Send an email programmatically without user intervention from within an App Inventor app

Tu App Inventor

Sitio web para la comunidad hispana de App Inventor con noticias, tutoriales, vídeos sobre App Inventor

Suggested Tablet Specifications for Running App Inventor

A list of the desired specifications for tablets for running App Inventor compiled from the collective intelligence of many CSTA-GreaterBoston Chapter members.

Curso de Desarrollo de Aplicaciones Móviles con App Inventor

Curso de App Inventor online en la plataforma Udemy totalmente en español. 164 clases. 24 horas. Paso a paso. 27 aplicaciones. Curso completo que cubre: animaciones, medios, sensores, bases de datos, componentes sociales, webs, etc.

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